Caves of Drach


Located on Mallorca's east coast the caves are without doubt one of the island's most outstanding tourist attractions, extending for almost 2,400 metres and including internal heights of 25 metres above the cave floor.
Hidden within the caves is Lake Martel, considered to be one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world, (177 metres long and 230 metres wide) on which there are daily performances of classical music featuring pieces by Caballero, Chopin, Offenbach, ...
After the concert one can take a short boat trip on the lake. The unequalled beauty of the caves is further enhanced by the lightning planned and set in place by the engineer Carlos Buigas.
If you do not have a car, then transportation can be arranged using any of several local tour aganecies who offer a full day excursion to the caves at very reasonable prices.  More information is available from the hotel reception.